Get to the Root of Your Tree Problem

Smooth out your lawn with stump removal services in Victoria, TX

Large tree stumps take up valuable space in your landscape and create an eye-sore that's hard to ignore. Hills Lawn & Tree Service Inc provides complete stump removal services that shreds and shaves the stump down to the very bottom. Being sure to disrupt your lawn as little as possible, we'll completely remove any and all remnants of your unwanted tree stump.

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Does your landscape have you stumped?

Does your landscape have you stumped?

Are you sick of seeing that unsightly tree stump in your yard? Hills Lawn & Tree Service can remove it in no time. Our three-step stump removal process includes:

Preparation - We'll assess the surrounding landscape to ensure safety and develop a plan
Removal - We'll use a professional-grade stump grinder to shred the stump down to the roots
Filling - We'll smooth out the landscape and apply lawn fertilizer to promote grass growth

Trust our professional landscaping company to transform the appearance of your lawn with complete stump removal services.