Rid Your Property of Dangerous Trees

Choose professional tree removal services in Victoria, TX

Tress not only add color and beauty to your scenery; they also protect your lawn. But when a diseased or dangerous tree starts to affect your property, it's time to call a professional landscape company.

Hills Lawn & Tree Service Inc provides expert tree removal services for homeowners throughout Victoria, TX. While our top priority is always to save your trees, we will do whatever it takes to protect your home and your lawn. If a tree is leaning too close to your home or its roots are damaging your property, it must come down.

Contact our tree care experts today, and we'll come assess your tree situation.

Do you have a problem tree?

Do you have a problem tree?

A lot of times, homeowners don't notice issues with their tree until it comes crashing down. It's important to look for signs of dangerous trees around your yard before that happens.

Some common signs you need tree removal services are:

Proximity to your home or power lines
Exposed or damaged roots
Visible signs of rot or disease

If you have a potentially dangerous tree, contact our landscape company in Victoria, TX today; call 361-575-3351.